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Stirling Energy Systems
How much power does one Stirling dish produce?
One dish system on an annual basis can produce 55,000-60,000 kWh of electricity. This is equivalent to the total energy required for 8-10 homes in the U.S.

Solfocus Flat Panel Concentrators

SVV Technology Inovations Dr. Sergey Vasylyev and Inventor Dr. Viktor Vasylyev
examining the quality of a ring reflector and its focal spot.

Viktor Vasylyev:
Ring Arrays, Reflective Lens, and Slat Arrays
There is a steady prejudice that the mirrors reflecting the light flux towards the source are necessary when the maximum possible one-stage concentration of solar radiation is required. The well-known parabolic dish collector is a most effective optical system among such mirrors. An alternative approach for creating the better-concentrating solar collectors is proposed and discussed in this paper. The optical design of the proposed type solar concentrator is based on the multi-imaging approach, which suggests shaping and superpositioning of multiple source images/caustics in the common focal zone by a set of parabolic rings or bands. Such a technical concept possesses the two main advantages: very high concentration level, which can reach half of the thermodynamical limit, and rear disposition of the focal zone relatively far away from the reflecting elements. These advantages allow to apply parabolic blind-reflecting concentrators as a more promising solar optics for Stirling or photovoltaic power systems, as well as for various "immediate" thermal technologies and solar architecture of small individual cottages and social buildings.

This paper discusses and theoretically studies an innovative type of high-temperature solar concentrators, the so-called ring-array concentrators (RAC). The expected optical performance of RAC exceeding that of dish-parabolic mirrors and simultaneously improving the operation performances and manufacture allowance prompt for considering the design as an ultimate improvement of reflective solar optics.

500W Slat Array
This proof-of-concept R&D project is aimed at the development of a new concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) module based on a novel reflective lens concept. It exploits and further develops our proprietary slat-array linear concentrator design to provide 200–300% better concentration than Fresnel lenses as well as uniform illumination of solar cells.